Howdy there pardner!

It is a pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Callaways Cure All 1353 (16071536AMF). I was born on Aug. 20, 2007 on Callaway Farms at Rayle, Georgia. My father is the famous SS Objective T510 OT26 (#13776378AMF) and my mother, Callaways Ideal 1031 (15374464) valued at $240,000 (private treaty sale), is THE NUMBER ONE $BEEF COW (+73.33) IN THE ANGUS BREED!

I weighed 82 lbs. at birth. My mother produced lots of rich milk for me so by the time I was weaned at 205 days of age, I weighed 720 lbs. (adjusted; ratio 118). At one year of age my weight had increased to 1510 lbs. (adjusted; ratio 125). Then some guy came to our farm and ran some kind instrument over my back. Things changed dramatically for me after that. My name was changed from Callaways Objective 1353 to Callaways Cure All 1353 and I suddenly became a celebrity on the farm. I didn't know the reason for this, but wise old herd-mates told me that it all had to do with the amount of muscling I had in my back and the fact that I am RANKED THE NUMBER TWO $BEEF BULL (+78.51) IN THE ANGUS BREED!

In March of 2009 my owner sold 1/2 interest & full possession to the Willow Creek Angus Ranch & Evans Farms. Shortly thereafter, I was hauled off to Champion Genetics at Tyler, TX for collection of my semen. The place is nice, but I missed my friends at the Callaway Farms and I certainly didn't much enjoy having that instrument placed into my behind every few days.

After my semen collections were completed, I was transported to the Willow Creek Angus Ranch. For me this was like a dream come true-- I had lots of tasty fresh green grass to eat and best of all, I had a group of very beautiful ladies to become acquainted with! As you can imagine, I am very proud to have earned the trust placed in me as an elite herd sire at Willow Creek & Evans Farms and I will of course do my very best to maintain & hold that prestigious & coveted title.

My first purebred Angus babies will be born at the Willow Creek Angus Ranch & Evans Farms in the spring and fall of 2010.

I'm told by my owners that my EPD's (Expected Progeny Differences) are very excellent, but I'm only a bull and such things are meaningless to me.

Production EPDs

Birth Weight                 Weaning Weight                 Milk                 Yearling Weight            

       +4.9                                     +68                          +31                            +132

Ultrasound EPDs

  Adj. % IMF                                          Adj. Ribeye                                           Adj. Fat        

   4.47 (104)                                             16.1 (111)                                               0.23

Carcass EPD's

Carcass Weight                                  Marbling                          Ribeye                    Fat   

        +21                                                   +.67                                +.58                   - 0.014      

$ Values

$W                     $F                        $G                    $QG               $YG             $B                      

+21.16           +66.67                 +39.14                +28.95            +10.19         +78.51

So now that you've learned all about me, I hope you'll come by to see me at the Willow Creek Angus Ranch or Evans Farms. Y'all are also invited to visit and see my first progeny after they have arrived in 2010.

My excellent quality semen is priced at $25/ straw and $35 / certificate and can be purchased online by CLICKING HERE.