EF Preceptor 7282


I am the junior herd sire at the Willow Creek Angus Ranch. I weighed 62 lbs. at my birth on August 22, 2007 at Evans Farms. My father is the reknown sire S S Objective T510 OT26 (#13776378AMF) and my mother is the young & beautiful EF Blackcap 5210 (15231114AMF).

My new owner said that I was selected as his junior herd sire because, in addition to being a handsome dude, I inhereted a terrific set of production data such as low birth weight calves that will attain a very high yearling weaning weight plus senational carcass traits. I am in the top 1% for Marbling, RE, $Grid, and $Quality Grid. I also was the star performer in my contemporary group with individual ratios of 85 for birth, 110 for weaning, 112 for yearling, 179 for IMF, 117 for RE and 100 for body fat. Then to top all this, I am also currently THE NUMBER THREE $BEEF BULL IN THE ENTIRE ANGUS BREED!

I'm told that my EPD's (Expected Progeny Differences) are outstanding, but I'm only a bull and such things are meaningless to me.

Production EPDs

Birth Weight         Weaning Weight                         Milk             Yearling Weight                

       -0.3                             +61                                       +27                        +115

Ultrasound EPDs

  Adj. % IMF                                        Adj. Ribeye                                                   Fat    

   7.53 (179)                                          14.7 (117)                                                     0.26

Carcass EPD's

Carcass Weight                                        Marbling                          Ribeye                  Fat     

        +15                                                         +1.06                                +.64                   +.007


$ Values

$W                     $F                        $G                    $QG               $YG             $B                      

+30.49           +50.71                +44.84               +34.95            +9.89         +73.47

So now that you've learned all about me, I hope you'll come by to see me at the Willow Creek Angus Ranch and see my first progeny after they have arrived in the spring of 2010.