GAR 1407 New Design L674

Hi there!

I'm GAR 1407 NEW DESIGN L674 (+14800833 [AMF-NHF]), named after my famous father BON VIEW NEW DESIGN 1407 (#12783540). I was born March 1, 2004 at the Gardiner Angus Ranch in Kansas. My mother is GAR PRECISION 2239 (13395444) who is one of the all-time elite donor cows in the history of the Gardiner Ranch.

I'd like to take a moment here and brag a little about what makes my mother such a renown donor lady in the Angus breed. The weight ratios of her two natural calves were 96 for birth, 117 for weaning and 103 for yearling. The ultrasound ratios for all of her progeny (25 to date) were 109 for % IMF, 102 for REA and 103 for Fat. She ranks in the top 1% for IMF EPD at +.67 and +.64 for REA EPD. For dams having more than 10 progeny, 2239 ranks 8th for IMF and 23rd for $Beef Value ($B) at +54.41. Recently 1/2 interest in 2239 sold for $40,000.

So much for my famous parents. Now I'd like to show you my own performance data & credentials that have earned me herd sire status at the Willow Creek Angus Ranch.

Individual Performance Data

BW                       Adj. WW                           Adj. YW                          85-day ADG (ratio)

84 lbs.                    690 lbs.                            1356 lbs.                                 5.62 lbs. (115)

Production EPDs

CED                        BW                            WW                           YW                        MILK

+9                         +1.4                            +45                          +85                          +30

Carcass & Ultrasound Data

Marb               RE                    FAT                  Adj. % IMF                  Adj. REA

+.73              +.27                   +.024                  6.48 (117)                  15.7 (103)

$ Values

$W                        $F                     $G                    $QG               $YG             $B              

+26.50                 +26.13             +31.60                +30.15            +1.45         +61.04